Product Photography

Product Photography for your business

Quality product photography is a key component of your marketing and publicity.

We take pride in our experience and passion for working alongside companies to provide images they are happy with, which show the products at their best.

We offer a range of services and styles to suit any budget. See our list of services below, or call 0141 429 7457 for a free consultation.

Categories of Product Photography

When you call to discuss let us know what type of product photography you are looking for.

Product Photography - Catalogue Product Images


Images designed to showcase all your different products cleanly and uniformly. Suitable for catalogues, flyers or website listings.

Using a single simple lighting setup for all products from one line allows us to produce a large number of product images quickly once setup is complete.
With the same setup being used for all products in a session we can quickly provide batch processing of these images to a level acceptable for catalogue and on-line listing use.
With catalogue and listing images we will set up the lighting with you or according to your specifications. Clients can either drop off or arrange delivery of products to us, or for a small fee we can collect the items from you.
Estimated Time Per Product:
5 mins + 60 mins setup
50-70 products per day
Product Photography - Lifestyle Product Images.


Themed images to show off your products at their best against a creative backdrop. Suitable for catalogue centrefolds, magazines, posters and your website.

For when your product photography needs to communicate an idea about your brand: We can create a custom set to showcase not just your product’s appearance but its function.
Create the mood to capture the spirit of your image: Atmospheric, clean, abstract – whatever you are looking for we can deliver.
Let us know the theme of your campaign and we can design each look to complement the others, creating a unified series.
Estimated Time Per Product:
45-60 mins
8-10 products per day
Product Photography - Standalone Product Image. Product photo of whisky bottle


Finely-crafted images individually tailored to each of your products, giving premium photographs suitable for posters, magazines and advertisement.

We can work with any product type, including more difficult surfaces such as chrome, jewellery or high gloss.  Whatever your product our experts can craft the light to suit it.
Let us know your requirements in our pre-shoot consultation and we can ensure every image perfectly matches your vision.
For when you need a strong, eye-catching image that grabs the viewer’s attention. Perfect for posters, magazines or other promotional use.
Estimated Time Per Product:
2-4 hours
2-4 products per day

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