Location Photography

Here at Dreghorn Photography, we have provided expert location photography for many different buildings around the country. From quality real estate listings for small flats, to photographing some of Glasgow’s biggest and best known events venues, and everything in between.

Whether inside or out, we have experience providing high quality photography for a wide spectrum of uses. Our work has been used in location brochures, property sales and publicity, advertising and internal communications, as well as the documentation of construction, refits and renovations.


We have had the opportunity to work with numerous companies throughout Scotland, to provide photography of site, venue and property interiors.

Location Photography - Letting Interior Photography
Location Photography - Workplace Interior Location Photography
Location Photography- Workplace Interior Photography
Location Photography - Comercial Refurbishment Interior Photography
Location Photography - Interior Facilities Photography

We are available year round, working in all weather conditions to provide high quality images of exterior locations of all shapes and sizes.

Location Photography - Exterior Building Development
Location Photography - Property Exterior
Location Photography - Exterior Building Development
Location Photography - Exterior Building Completion
Calling upon our broad range of experience allows us to create the best images of your location whether for property listings, refurbishment project documentation, or venue advertisement.

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